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This Bluetooth Smart Watch Indigi H365 Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Siri Black is the best type of smartphones available on the market. It has many excellent features and offers streamlined, intuitive features that are better that your typical Bluetooth Smart Watch Indigi H365 Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Siri Black. Yet, it is compact and easy to use for the average person to use. As a robust device, it delivers the best features to capture your attention for all types of use.

Bluetooth Smart Watch Indigi H365 Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Siri Black Review

Introducing"New-in-Box" indigi™ H365 Wireless Bluetooth Smart Watch PhoneBluetooth 4.0 / 3.0 Siri Metal Case Smart Watch for Android iOSSmartPhone! Color Touch Screen | Time Display | Calls (Answer, End, Reject) | Caller ID| Messaging | Notification | Siri | Remote Camera Shutter | Music |Phonebook | Anti-lost Alert | Built-in Mic Speaker |            Ringtone Vibration |Heart Rate Monitor (Built-in Sensor) | Pedometer | Audio Player | Alarm | Phone locator  

Color: Black    

Introducing indigi™ inCicle H365 Bluetooth Smart Watch with classic round dial and leather watch band, looks very elegant and fashion. And unique UI theme also increases the charm of H365. H365 not only has nice appearance but also has strong heart. H365 uses MTK2502 chip, suitable for Android and iOS phones, equipped with SIRI, dialer, message, remote notification, heart ratemonitor, pedometer, find phone, remote camera etc. functions, makes your life more wonderful!

The Indigi inCicle H365 has a timeless round watch face design and quality leather wrist strap making it a very elegant and fashionable watch for men or women. The beautiful looks and 1.22 inch touch display hide a powerful performance that comes from the MTK2502 chipset. With Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity you can sync theIndigi inCicle H365 to your Android or iPhone iOS device and its partner app is operational on Android 4.2 and above as well as iOS 7.2 and over. When synced with your Android phone you can enjoy the SMS syncing function and receive notifications directly on your wrist so weather, email, chat and social media notifications from your Skype, Facebook or Twitter accounts can be seen without even getting your phone out and if youpair  with a supported iOS device you can use the Siri interface directlythrough  this smart watch. For those selfie shots or some remote photography you  utilize the remote camera function to snap photos with you Androiddevice  and the Anti lost function will make sure that once paired youwill  never again leave your phone or tablet behind and find yourselfwithout  it. When it comes to staying heather this Bluetooth smart watchhas  a sedentary reminder and will keep track of the steps you take thoughtthe  day. It will even monitor your sleep so you will get a better restand  be more productive in the day. Unlike the vast majority of smartwatches  that need charging every day the Indigi inCicle H365 has a builtin  360mAh battery that provides around 100 hours of standby charge andwhen  you do need it just grab the USB cable supplied that snaps ontothe  back of the watch and is held in place with a magnetic fit makingit  quick and easy to use. The Indigi inCicle H365 Bluetooth Watch comeswith  a 12 months warranty. Brought to you by the leader in electronicdevices  as well as wholesale Smart Watches, indigi..

UniversallyCompatible  but not limited to all Bluetooth enabled phones or devicessuch  as Apple iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iphone5s,  iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Samsung S6 edge,S6,  S5, S4, S3, S2, Note 5, Note 4, Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy Tab, GalaxyMega  2, Nexus 6, HTC One, HTC Desire, Nokia Lumia, LG G3 Vigor, MotorolaMoto  X, BlackBerry, Sony Xperia, Indigi, watch phone, PS3, PDA, andso  on.


Note: Phones and devicesnot included - for illustration only.


MTK2502chip + Double Bluetooth 4.0 / 3.0 mode - Compatiblewith both iPhone iOS and Android phones, functions are morepowerful.

SIRI function:H365 has SIRI voice control function, talk to the Indigi H365,and your iPhone will do what you said, such as check weather,make call to…, send SMS to…. (Note: This functionis only applicable to iPhone)

Synchronizes Phone Calls- After connectingsmartphone via Bluetooth, Indigi H365 can make, end, or rejectphone call directly without touching your phone. You will notmiss any important call at any time.

RingtoneVibration- When incoming calls, Indigi H365 will ring or vibrate andshow incoming phone number. You can answer the call from IndigiH365 instead of smartphone and it’s unnecessary to takeout your smartphone, which ensures no missed calls.

Raise up your hand tolight up the screen - Unlike other smartwatch, whenyou need watch the time, no need press the button, only raiseyour hand, the watch screen will automatically light up. Convenientand user-friendly.

Heart Rate monitor– Indigi H365 equipped with Built-in heart rate sensorwhich can read your heart rate from your wrist.

Pedometer –Turn on pedometer to control and monitoring your sport motion,Including walking distance, step counters and calories.

Sleep monitor– sleep monitoring can help you to understand your sleepstatus and update your sleep quality.

Sedentary Reminder– - Take a rest to avoid fatigue. 70-percent people arein sub-health status in theworld caused from sedentariness in office. Our smart watch hasSedentary Reminderfunction to keep you healthy.

Synchronize SMS Message– Indigi H365 receive message synchronously,you also can call back directly in the message interface. (Note:this function is not applicable for iPhone iOS)

Notification Informationpush - Can pushinstant information, such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Skype,WeChat, etc..

Synchronizes Music- Connect to your smartphone and easily synchronize the musicin the smartphone.

Remote Camera Capture,Video Recording* - After smartphone connects to yourandroid smart watch via Bluetooth and with the BTNotification.apk,the smart watch can control smartphone to take photos and recordvideos. Easy to selfie, group photo, capture functions to bemore stronger. (Note: this feature only applicable to Androidphones)

Smart Anti-lost- After activating anti-lost function, smart watch will ringor vibrate to alert if the smartphone leaves smart watch 10-20meters away.

Looking Phone -Were you once upset when you could not find your phone? Nowyou don’t need toworry about it when you have the smart watch which makes smartphonering after you activate Looking Phone function so that you canfind the phone easily. (Note: This function needs Android 4.4/ iOS 7.2 or above system)

Alarm –indigi H365 can set 5 Alarms, Vibration reminder to avoid disturbingothers.

HD Capacitive Color Screen- Slightly touch to start your smart life Faster and more fluent

APP download:Android users (Android 4.2 and above) – Find the QR codein watch menu, scan it to download the BT-WATCH.apk;iPhone iOS users (iOS 7.2 and above) – Search BT WATCHin app store and download it.


Specification               BasicInformation    
  • Type: Bluetooth Smart Watch w/ Heart Rate Monitor Sensor
  • CPU: MTK2502
  • Body Materials: Metal
  • Strap: Leather
BluetoothAPP Support
  • Bluetooth: V4.0    
  • Android 4.2 / iOS 7.2 and above
  • Screen type: Capacitive    
  • Screen Size: 1.22 InchLCD Panel   
  • Screen Resolution: 240x204
  • Built in 3.7V/360mAh Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
SiriRemote Notifications:    
  • Sync iPhone Siri to make voice control (Only for iPhone)         
  • Sync SMS, Weather, E-mail,QQ, Wechat, Twitter, Facebook, Skype
Anti Lost
  • When the watch between with the phone have more than 8 to 10 meters, watch will have vibrate/ring alarm  
  • English,Arabic,Czech,Dutch,French,Germany,Greek,Indonesia,Italian,Farsi,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish,Thai,Turkish,Chinese
Other Features
  • Additional Features: Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Sleep monitor, Phonebook, Sync Music Player, Alarm, Remote Camera Capture, Find Phone, Anti lost, Light up screen when hands up etc.
Package Contents
  • Indigi H365: 1    
  • Magnetic charger: 1  
  • User Manual: 1 
  • Product size: 43.5*49.5*13mm     
  • Product weight: 2oz








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